I don't see a Wedding as just a Wedding. It's a journey I take with my couples and for as long as their images are with me, so are they. My couples are friends, and some have become family &, as with all relationships, as well as ay type of creative passion, it requires consistency to survive - to grow.

One of the many things respect teaches you, is patience. Taught to us as children; experienced as adults, we know what Respect is for a person - however, as a creative, you learn what it is to Respect a moment. Respecting a moment enough not to rush it, Respecting it enough to "Let it Breathe..."

Being true to myself has allowed me honest growth and effective self-reflection. If it's one thing my couples value about me, first and foremost, it's my authenticity; my genuine honesty and character. I'm from Brooklyn, being real is all I know.

About me

Jamaal has been described as an ever-evolving romantic, a perfectionist and a serial creative. With a perspective deeply rooted in expressive art-forms such as musicianship & spoken word, Jamaal approaches every story with an unwavering respect and veneration for each moment.

Bred in Brooklyn, New York and tempered in a variety of cities across the vast United States and South America, Jamaal brings a familiar, yet fine-tuned touch, lodging echoes of that vastness in every image.

Jamaal produces timeless visuals and agencies across the conduits of creative genres, exploring the roots of the emotions at the core of us all.






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Jamaal was very easy to work with and a great value. I didn't want to spend hour taking staged photos, he did a great job making the process easy and not stressful at all. The photos are beautiful and his turnaround time was SUPER FAST.

He is awesome, fantastic, creative and very talented. He is professional, timely, so easy to work with. He was a joy to all my wedding guests and I would use him definitely again. In fact I would not suggest using any other photographer but him.

Jamaal has been nothing but fun, professional, flexible and all around great! Our package included an engagement photo session but Jamaal was awesome enough to allow us to use it for a different purpose and also traveled for it! He was everywhere for our wedding but never, ever in the way!

I highly suggest his services!

— Cathy Wolford

— Maria Dugan

— Michelle Black

Los Angeles — California

Los Angeles — California

Los Angeles — California


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