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Patricia + Eric - Intimate Wedding in Elliot City, Maryland || Best Maryland Virginia Wedding Photographer

Patricia + Eric’s wedding day was nothing short of magical. They actually got married at their home. Yes, the awesome castle-like structure is their home. :D Awesome, right!? Everything that was provided at the wedding was done by a horde of their friends and family and it was so wonderful to see! Everything from the ceremony to the reception was amazing. Here are some of my absolute favorite shots!

Shayla & Oliver- Intimate Wedding at Silo Point, Baltimore + University of Maryland Campus || Best Wedding Photographers in Baltimore, Maryland and College Park

Shayla & Oliver’s wedding! Gosh - what can I really say? They were a ton of fun. Their wedding was a little last minute because the initial plan was to get married in St. Lucia but it didn’t include any family and they wanted to do something for the family. So they pushed back their St. Lucia trip but didn’t tell the family that they would get married there so once she showed up in a full wedding dress for what the family believed to be a farewell brunch, everyone was floored! We did their first looks shots at the top of their complex, the beautiful Silo Point and my GOSH is it beautiful up there! We then took a party bus over to the Green Chapel at the University of Maryland and then had dinner at Sullivans Steak House where we all had 16oz ribeye. I was in heaven all day. Here are some favorites!