Michael & Michelle - Engagement at the Riverview at Occoquan || Best Virginia DC Maryland Engagement Wedding Photographer

Michelle & Michael’s wedding is coming up this year and I CANNOT wait! They were so much fun - from our initial meeting at a starbucks in Springfield, it was so much fun just shooting the breeze with them. The engagement session was no less amazing! We walked around a bit, laughed and laughed so more and here are some of my favorites from the day!

Shayla & Oliver- Intimate Wedding at Silo Point, Baltimore + University of Maryland Campus || Best Wedding Photographers in Baltimore, Maryland and College Park

Shayla & Oliver’s wedding! Gosh - what can I really say? They were a ton of fun. Their wedding was a little last minute because the initial plan was to get married in St. Lucia but it didn’t include any family and they wanted to do something for the family. So they pushed back their St. Lucia trip but didn’t tell the family that they would get married there so once she showed up in a full wedding dress for what the family believed to be a farewell brunch, everyone was floored! We did their first looks shots at the top of their complex, the beautiful Silo Point and my GOSH is it beautiful up there! We then took a party bus over to the Green Chapel at the University of Maryland and then had dinner at Sullivans Steak House where we all had 16oz ribeye. I was in heaven all day. Here are some favorites!

Leisel & William- A Winter Wedding in Manakin Sabot, Virginia || Best Wedding Photographers in Virginia

Had a Blast working with Leisel & William on their special day. Fell in love with them during their engagement session & they are both also car people - one of their many treasure being a restored 68’ Ford Torino 🤤🤤🤤.

Their Wedding was filled with Love and Laughter all through the night and it was my absolute pleasure to share it with them. Here are some of my favorites.

Vanessa + Evans- Wedding at The Dumbarton House, NSCDA Museum & Headquarters || Best Wedding Photographers in Washington DC

Vanessa & Evens got married late December last year and it was a blast creating such amazing images with them. The Awesome Kendra Lynece Photography joined me to shoot this awesome wedding.

The entire day was filled with so much love and energy - I could barely wait to get home to edit. The Dumbarton House in DC was a wonderful venue and with beautiful grounds for wedding formals! Here are some of my favorites from their special day.