What’s an Experience Worth?






Sharing in the same collective experience. Out oldest friends and closest family; our past, present and future, all converging for a single celebration



that those entrusted to capture this experience, will inevitably influence it as well...


lending their energy to the moment, impacting the dynamics of the day and ultimately, the memories that will accompany each photo into the future. Because the experience you have with your photographer affects how you feel about the photos. But find the right match, and there’s magic to be made. It’s the reason I place the utmost value on creating an incredible experience for my couples—from the moment we first connect, to the anniversary of their greatest celebrations and beyond.



I’m not one for a transactional approach.

I value our connection with my couples above everything else;

creating a relationship and cultivating a friendship of trust and effortless engagement. Because the best photos are bred in incredible atmospheres, where there’s a sense of ease and playful anticipation in the air. I’ve learned to recognize this well—the intangible chemistry that precedes an unforgettable moment. The moment that gives way to an extraordinary image. The image that strikes a cord in one’s heart. This is the music I yearn to create—the sound of heartstrings.



And as love would have it, everyone’s song is different because every couple’s story is unique.

For this reason, I approach each event with deft agility, calibrating my style to align with the tone of each couple’s day.

Never forcing a direction or insisting on a rhythm that doesn’t match their own. Never tempted to lose sight of the fact that it’s truly not about me. It’s about you and capturing an authentic representation of your relationships; your love.



How would you describe your style?

I believe in balancing a natural, photojournalistic approach with select moments of elegant, cover-worthy portraits with a touch of fine-art. My work is often drenched in romance genuine personality. Every moment captured organically.



Do you have a team that you shoot with?

Yes. Each wedding day is different - sometimes I’m enough, sometimes I’m not & sometimes I’m not available - but don’t fret. I have a dedicated team of photographers, videographers and kind who all posses the same passion, style and appreciation for love as I do. We only take a select number of events each year though, so we’re present and able to cultivate real relationships with each of our couples and clients. In the event we need to cover large-scale weddings and events, I’ll bring along a friend or two, so you can rest assured that your love is captured from every angle.



How do you feel about destination weddings/engagement shoots?

I love them! There’s nothing like capturing different elements and cultures and incorporating into your love story + you don’t need to tell me twice to go on a trip. I’m one of those people who actually enjoy airports ;). Let’s set aside some time to sit and talk about your where we’re going and other details so we can shape and bring your vision to life.



How many photos can we expect to receive?


A typical seven-eight (7-8) hour day of wedding coverage usually yields 500-800+ images. Each and every image you receive is post-processed for color-correction and image retouching. This is one of my favorite parts of the entire process. It’s where an image truly comes to life.



What happens if it looks like rain on my date?

To quote world renown Event Planner, Debbie Geller, “If you have a Plan B, generally you won’t need it.”  From the moment I learn about your event, regardless of the date and season, I always work towards securing a Plan B photo location just in case. Whether that’s an amazing indoor art gallery (There’s lots of those!) or an absolutely breathtaking hotel, I try to prepare to the best of my ability. I’ll be more than happy to chat with you or your planner to secure a solid plan for alternate locations, just to ensure we won’t need them.



What if we’re awkward and hate taking photos?

Then you’re in good company, I am too and who better to coach you through it than me! :D In all honesty, I hear this from a lot of my couples and I love being the one to introduce you to a new experience.


Do you shoot video as well?

While Visuals by J. McKenzie primarily specializes in photography, we do have some incredible cinematographers on the team. Give us a ring and I’ll be happy to make introductions!


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